All the money in the world ♥

All the money in the world couldn't change what I feel about you,
all the money in the world couldn't bring me the joy that you do
And I'm so glad to have someone there to trust
and I would not, I could not ever trade your love
All the money in the wolrd..
Couldn't buy me happiness,
I'm happy as it is
If love still counts for something
if love's the greatest gift
I'm already
Then I'm already rich
You're playing me pieces
You're setting me up
Trying knock me down
You don't have a reason that I can blieve in
To push me 'round
You're creating a highway of lies
one by one
No matter what you say or do (-o-o-oo)
I won't fall like a domino
I've gone from lukewarm to hot
I put my money in a longshot
Went from a little to alot
I think I've stumbled on a goldspot
I'm feeling good about myself
And you got something to do with it
But I'm not in it for my health
I think we're on to something else
Is it love? Is it love, is it love that I'm feeling?
Is it love?
Could you pinch me to seee is I'm dreaming
Out of the dark
into the light
Wild as the wind, strong as the tide
Is it love, is it love? That I'm feeling..
Dessa tre låttexter sjungs av en o samma artist :)
Hon har dock inte skrivit sina låtar själv, men hon framför dem väldigt bra!
Hon är inte älskad av alla, men jag har varit hennes fan sedan 6års :D
Nån som kan gissa vem?
Hahahaha ingen kommer ens försöka gissa, men aja ^^
Tack för att du kommenterar!


Det är Amy Diamond! :D

2012-01-20 | 16:54:07 |


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